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    Byron and Ariella, Rex et Regina AEthelmearc on Sept 6, 2016

    Style: Heavy Fighting Unit
    Size: approx. 25
    Color: Black and Red, mostly

    Verified Purchase

    We had heard good things from other purchasers, so We decided to try Clovenshield for Ourselves. We were a little worried about their reputation for flaunting Societal norms, but it really worked out great. We bought Clovenshield for a large, two-week-long, multi-kingdom event (you can probably guess which one). Price negotiation was simple and direct, and We always felt that We were getting a fair price.

    Clovenshield arrived at our battlefield pavilion ahead of schedule each day of battle, with no assembly required. The unit was capable of stopping charges, decimating flanks, and feinting retreats. In one battle, every member of Clovenshield died so that We could escape a pincer maneuver. You don’t see that kind of commitment from just any mercenary unit.

    One warning! After we had bought Clovenshield, We kept hearing rumors that they were entertaining other offers, but it just wasn’t true! Don’t believe the gossip!

    We didn’t test the ballista option, so We can’t really comment on that. In short, Clovenshield was a great value for the money, and We can confidently recommend Clovenshield to anyone from Sovereign Monarchs to mercenaries looking to swell their own ranks.

    I am the SCA’s middle finger.