Aleric and The Tale of the Abducted Dragon

Back in times of yore, yore being more than 8 years, the many gods granted to House Clovenshield a great gift. A ferocious and terrifying Dragon. Well, an inflatable beach raft in the form of a Great Wyrm, but a wondrous gift non the less. They named her Nessie and they carried bevies of scantily-dressed ladies upon her grand back. Akira was one such Dragon Rider and OH did jealousy sweep through the lands.

One group of folks who called themselves Dragonship Haven let the jealousy seep into their souls. They visited Camp Clovenshield, one day, to see the Great Fire Wyrm up close. No one was home. Unfortunately for them, they decided, then and there, that it would be “fun” to kidnap Nessie and so they did. They left a note. Doubly unfortunately for them, they had never had dealings with Clovenshield before and never expected what came next.

The first to discover the heinous crime was our own Silver Tongued Bastard, Aeleric. He made haste to the Dragonship Haven to recover our prized Dragon. Upon his arrival, he discovered that, likewise, no one was home. But there sat Nessie in all her Majesty. Aeleric quickly cast a Spell of Deflation to better conceal Nessie and then, surreptitiously, took her back home. In his wake he left the novice criminals of Dragonship Haven his own ransom note. The note stated that the Tuchux had kidnapped Nessie and she was being held hostage on Tuchux Hill. Regrettably, Aeleric fell victim to that damned short-term memory-loss Daemon and failed to tell the Tuchux of his devious plan.

Later, Aeleric put into effect Phase Two of his deviousness. He, Roak and Nissan went a-visitin’. They returned to Camp Dragonship Have to “negotiate the safe return of Nessie”. The camp was in somewhat of an uproar when the Clovenshield Goonsquad arrived, so to add fuel to fire, Aeleric immediately demanded to see Nessie, to ensure the proper treatment of the hostage. Their response was an expected slack jawed, “Uhhhhhhhh.”

To twist the emotional knife, Aeleric quickly dropped his rational demeanor and escalated the conversation to 11, with a hardy, “YOU MEAN YOU KIDNAPPED OUR DRAGON AND THEN YOU LOST HER?!?!?!” Nissan and Roak were similarly offended by Dragonship Haven’s neglect. Roak being quite loud as only Roak can be. Ahhhh, but Nissan had one of his finest hours in the situation, displaying appropriate irritation and being in fine fettle, he began spurting words of high dudgeon and telling the dwellers of Dragonship Haven loudly and repeatedly that, “You lost our dragon! You must pay weregild! You owe us beer! In his tender voice voice, Roak picked up on the chant and repeated, “YOU OWE US BEER!! YOU OWE US BEER!!!

Ah, it was wonderfully humiliating for those amateur kidnappers. Ultimately, the representative of Dragonship Haven was made to apologize on his knees and he paid several cases of beer to settle the weregild. Of course, Aeleric also demanded that Nessie be recovered and returned, unharmed, to her home. So, off to Tuchux Hill they went.

Many tears were shed and much gnashing of teeth occurred during this rather short but “highly-entertaining” conversation which included interesting tidbits like, “What the f**k are you talking about?” and “Are you all out of your f**king minds!”  Sadly, Dragonship Haven ultimately left Tuchux camp with no resolution to their distressing conflict.  They slunk back to their camp and avoided pretty much everyone for the rest of the Pennsic War. The were never told them that Nessie was recovered — a small oversight, but it was a most delightful affair, all around.

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