The Gospel according to HMH Sir Vyktor I, Duke of Hazzard as told by Aleric

And so it came to pass that the Old Gods were slowly fading; lost, trapped in the far reaches of the Eldest’s mind.

“Tell us of the old ways, we know of Aldo and Blanche who else was there?” the young ones implored as they roasted bacon by holding over the campfire.  But the Eldest sat wrapped in his warm blankey and stared.

And from the heavens came Boi, and with him Violante Goddess of Bacon and Dancing with things on top of your head.  Tonaire, would be consort of Violante, vied to be the God of office products, but alas Violante was not pleased and he fell from the sky never to reach the hallowed supply closet.

Later came Melissandre the Namegiver, also goddess of rough sandpaper hands.

Vbakkon God of War and roasted meat roared challenge to all that would oppose him.

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